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NAEA Convention Seattle, 2011
Teachers’ testimonials for TwisteezWire

Maureen Caouette testimonial for TwisteezWire
NAEA Convention Seattle, 2011

My kids had so much fun that I asked about the product and checked them out to order some for our home. They are called Twisteez Wires. We’ve made scorpions and mosquitoes and wasps and their creature wish list just keeps growing as they wait for the wires I ordered to arrive. see Jasey’s blog

Jasey from Wyoming

I have a small supply of old telephone wire, scavenged decades ago, that I use in small wire sculptures and for attaching things to each other in attractive ways. Never found anything similar before. This stuff is thicker than the telephone wire, but still not thick, and comes in many colors. I sent some to a friend, and her young grandsons love it too. It’s very easy to use and cut and doesn’t break.

Woodwoman from Rockville, MD

Not Just for Kids
This is a very fine-guage plastic-coated copper wire. It is incredibly flexible, yet will hold any shape. The colors are bright and fun. This is not the thing for a depressing sculpture!

Melissa from KY