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Make Wire Flowers

Invent Wire Critters

Have fun with creative party kits

Create Wire Masks

Use buttons and beads

Combine 2D and 3D Line

Classroom Murals

Watch & Learn: Use Twisteezwire to help form fit a face mask.

SPECIAL TWISTEEZWIRE BULK PRICING for Covid-19 mask-making groups.
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What is Twisteezwire?

wire man bundle
Twisteezwire is a non-toxic, pliable, brightly colored assortment of plastic coated, 24 gauge copper wire. It is an arts and crafts wire used for wire sculpture, wire jewelry, wire murals, wire braids, and much, much more!
BPA free and RoHS compliant.
Non toxic. Made in the USA.

Create with Twisteezwire

purple wire coil

Learn how to make things with Twisteezwire!
Basics Learn basic wire techniques
Lessons Easy-to-follow lesson plans
Videos How-to videos
Gallery Wire artwork
Twisteezwire is creative fun for all ages.
Recommended for 8 yrs and older.


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What teachers are saying about Twisteezwire

5.0 out of 5 stars
Perfect for Art projects
I used this product for an art lesson and my students loved it. I definitely need to buy more next year.

Laura J McLaughlin

I had recently ordered the Twisteez for some art classes and the students and teachers fell in love with this product! It is so easy to work with and there are so many colors to choose from. I am definitely ordering this again!

Rockville, MD

We are using this for younger children while older children are using copper wire and such. It allows them to participate and yet have a little less risk involved… I LOVE IT!

Amman, Jordan

Art Teachers

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