Business Camp – Young Entrepreneurs win using Twisteezwire

Twisteezwire bracelets display

Twisteezwire inspires young minds to create their own business at Break Into Business Camp this summer. Kids utilized Twisteezwire to create a business called Twist It. They created a great product from Twisteezwire. They marketed their product. Then they won at Shark Tank!
Not only did the young Twist It entrepreneurs win the Shark Tank, but they also generated the highest revenue and profits of any business in the camp! The following pictures show the story of their educational and fun camp and the Twist It business.

View the video these kids made to promote their Twist It bracelets.
Click to see video.
We are happy to see Twisteezwire inspire creative play and practical uses of our fabulous product.

Spring is in the air with Twisteezwire

Spring is in the air! Showing some favorite Twisteezwire spring time creations. Check out our new macrame wired hats and flowers.

Hello from Twisteezwire

Twisteez product-figureWelcome to our new Twisteezwire site and Twisteezwire blog

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