Lesson: Twisteezwire Wire Bird

Wire coat hangers act as a rigid support frame to attach Twisteezwire. Use hangers in combination with our wire to make these exotic wire birds. Materials: two wire coat hangers, about 20 twisteez wires depending on degree of detail. Optional: beads, feathers, buttons, etc.

Twisteezwire figure with cardboard

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Coat hanger Image

Start with a 2 wire coat hangers.

hanger fold mage

Slightly fold one of the hangers to form the wings.
Bend the hook up and twist it forward to form a neck and head.

Stretch the second coat hanger out lengthwise. Shape the end near the hook into a barrel shape.

Bend the the other end up for the tail. Twist the hook to point forward for the head and neck.

Coat hanger Image

Place the wing hanger on the body hanger (or visa versa) and bind them together with Twisteez Wires – first the neck, then the spots where the wings and body hangers cross.

hanger fold mage

Now for the fun part! Anything goes. Use brightly colored Twisteezwire to illustrate feather patterns and other details. 

Use buttons or beads for the eyes. Slip Twisteezwire through the holes and twist them to the hanger to hold them in place.

Combine whatever materials you want with Twisteezwire to create your Twisteezwire Wired Bird!