Lesson: Twisteezwire Poodle Doodle

Make a Poodle Doodle figure and have fun balancing and playing with your figure when you’re done. Bring our Poodle Doodle lesson into the classroom. Imagine all the varieties of poodles and other animal breeds, imaginary or not, that your student will love creating.

Just follow the step-by-step images below to see how to make your own free-standing poodle or other wire figures. Add Model Magic to the Twisteezwire and it will hold. You can also add cardboard, beads, buttons or feathers. Draw faces and eyes with markers.

Materials: less than 3 Twisteezwires, a plastic bottle cap, two buttons, and a small amount of Model Magic. (optional: googly eyes)

Poodle Doodle materials