Lesson: Twisteezwire Puzzle Lion

Lion made with upcycled jigsaw puzzles pieces & TwisteezWire®
Materials: 2-3 Twisteezwires, 1-2 puzzle pieces. Optional: googly eyes, buttons, beads, scissors, glue.

Twisteezwire Puzzled Lion

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Step 1: Lion’s head and mane
Begin with half length Twisteezwire. Start in the middle of the wire and wrap it around the puzzle piece, weaving wire around nobs of puzzle.Twist 2-3 times in the back to secure.

Use a pencil or dowel to coil the remainder of extended wire. This coil will be used for the lion’s mane

Continue making more coils. Attach coils by twisting to existing wire in back of puzzle. Add enough to create full mane of coils.

Step 2: Feet & Legs
Use 1/4 length Twisteezwire for each leg and foot. Push wire thru buttons to make feet. Shape wire into claws.

Step 3: Attach Feet & Legs
Attach feet and create legs by twisting remaining wire to a second puzzle piece. This will be the main body of lion.

Stand the puzzle piece after you create four legs and feet… and a tail. Adjust length of legs if needed.

Step 4: Attach head and body together
Use a 6″ piece of wire to attach head and body pieces. Attach wire to existing wire in back of head and body.

Step 5: Add details
Add googly eyes and draw whiskers and eyebrows. Add facial details with a marker.

Puzzle boy and lion

Have fun inventing other puzzle critters and puzzle people using Twisteezwire.