Twisteezwire Basics

Scroll down to see basic techniques for using your Twisteezwire

Twisteezwire® is a pliable, plastic-coated copper wire used for sculpture and crafts. Our wire is easy to cut, bend, and twist. It is reusable and can be reshaped over and over again.

TwisteezWire is a basic art material that provides a visual and tactile experience in 2d and 3d line, shape, color, and form. Twisteezwire is used in art education, for serious creative exploration and it can be just plain fun!

Twisteezwire is suitable for ages 8 and over. It is not recycled telephone wire. Do not use Twisteezwire for electrical purposes.

Twisteezwire is:
• Rainbow assortment of colors
• Non-toxic, RoHS compliant
• BPA free
• Safe to handle and wear
• Easy to shape and reshape
• Easy to cut with scissors
• Made in the USA
• Reusable
• Fun!

Use these basic techniques with Twisteezwire to make figures, wire jewelry, wire baskets and other wire projects.

Make loops, shapes, coils and spirals

twisteez loops
twisteez coils
twisteez spirals

Bend and twist Twisteezwire to make faces, figures, animals… things that go and things that grow.

simple lovers
clown figure
twisteezwire fish
twisteez shapes

Braid Twisteezwire


Combine with beads

beads coils

Combine with cardboard

butterfly cardboard figure

Combine with polymer clay

cactus polymer clay

Combine with found objects

recycled material

Combine with puzzle pieces

puzzle piece figure